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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Importance of English as global language.

The most important language in this world is what? No doubt it's English language. It's because English language is amazing and it's beautiful. A huge amount of people use English and many countries that teach the English language as the global language of communication in primary school.

Total of 2 billions people speak English around the world. 400 millions use it as primary language. So it must keep the right to be a global language. Following is the importance of English as global language:

  1. English is considered something known the lingua franca, the world’s 1st. Its mean most of the people around the world using English as there mother language or a second language. So people should learn English to communicate between people from different countries. English language is also dominating in various fields like global politics, global business, diplomacy, entertainment, radio and so on. 
  2. English language is now a compulsory for non native speakers of English because most of the information in the computer and web are in the English. Most of the international organization use English language to communicate between them.
  3. Multinational companies use English to communicate between offices situated in different country. Even they ask for job opportunity in English and want a good working knowledge of English.
  4. English is something of a beautiful language, and people around the world have been studying it for a number of years for them to learn it as best as they possibly can. In learning English, there can be many things that can be achieved than if not.
  5. The business world has need for the global language of English as well. Many companies are expanding overseas. American companies are setting up shop in other countries, and there are companies that wish to transfer over to America.

So the importance of English as global language can’t be ignored.

Also I found this book very helpful to learn English language


  1. it fine and excellent.i like your tropic much.

    i also share something.english is international langue. we can not do anything without english.
    What is global language?

  2. Hm, Nice blog. Really important for us. Thanks for shearing the importance of English. Like it :)

  3. very nice i like it .........keep it up
    And thanks for this important t0pic

  4. English is very important to businesses other than having a 1300 number for communication purposes.

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